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  1. Cars are the stars!

    Disney’s Cars (but no Lightning McQueen)

    Thought I’d share some of the unexpected sights on a recent visit to Disneyland Paris. 

    Vintage, classic and just plain expensive cars in the Village and in the hotel car park. The Disney Village was having a Rock’n’Roll Festival and loads of American automobiles and bikes were on display. Cadillacs, Fords and for me the highlight, a Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray!

    Chevvy Camaro Transformers Edition

    Chevvy Camaro Transformers edition from Belgium


    Thats the front of a Maybach! In the car park.



    Corvette Sting Ray

    Corvette Sting Ray

    Ford Roadster  Corvette Corvette Sting Ray Corvette Sting Ray Harley Thunderbird and Bullit 

    Ford Roadster, Corvette, Sting Ray, Corvette, Harley Davidson, Thunderbird and Mustang Fastback Bullitt)

    All inspiration for new jewellery designs. (Any excuse!) 

    Oh, and we had a great time in the Disney Parks as well!


    Bubbleboojewellery | SGS | Nov 2015