About Hand Stamping

People often ask us what is hand-stamping and how we achieve a finished piece of work. Well, here is the process of what we do:
Hand-stamping is exactly as it says. Each indent and character on your finished item is put there by using an individual metal letter, number or design punch, which, with the aid of a heavy dead-blow hammer, usually brass, is stamped onto a metal blank.
Those blanks have been hand-cut and filed and then usually tumbled in a barrel for an hour or so to remove any jagged edges. They are then stamped, inked with colour, if required, re-tumbled for up to two hours more and then re-inked. Then the components are assembled, creating your finished item.
BubbleBoo Jewellery make every effort to get the lettering as evenly spaced and aligned as possible. But, because it is a human being doing the punching (not a machine), the lettering cannot always be absolutely spot-on and there may be variations in depth and placement of the designs. Anyway, we find this adds to the individuality of the work. Everyone has its own unique charm.
With hand-stamping no metal is removed, it is just displaced by the stamps. This can lead to marking on the reverse, and is why we rarely stamp on both sides of the metal. Can't be helped. Sorry.